Friday, May 26, 2006

Blogger publish problems? is causing me grief this evening. When I try to publish anything the publish screen just loops aroung and never reports success. The progress stays at 0%. That led me to publish the Ulster post 6 times because I hit publish 6 times thinking it was failing. I think I have now deleted the extra posts but if blogger still publishes them then sorry about that and no I havent gone mad.


Anonymous said...

Blogger goes down every now and then!

Declan said... was up, so was my blog. The problem was with the actual publish, the publish progress just looped around and when I stopped it and refreshed my blog the post was not present. I tried again a couple of times without success I thought, but when I checked later I had 6 posts. I just wanted to explain why I had posted the same thing 6 times :-)

Other than that I think blogger is great.