Monday, September 11, 2006

Taxi Strike, yawn

The taxis are on strike once again today, the third Monday in a row I think. Anyone care? Nope. I haven't even bothered to mention some of the other strikes on my blog they have been so dull.

The media may talk about traffic chaos but my office window looks onto one of the busiest roads into Dublin and it doesn't look any busier than usual. If anything the traffic is flowing well this morning.

Enjoy the dole queues lads, perhaps your union rep can point out the local welfare office to you while he drives to the next company with employment "difficulties".

Update: Well the taxi drivers finally stood up to the unions and went off to do their own thing ignoring the union representatives. They partially blockaded O'Connell Street, causing traffic chaos for several hours and while this pissed off a lot of people it also got a lot of publicity. We'll see if it has any effect. I hope not but at least some one finally told the unions to piss off.

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