Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Third Taxi Strike

This is starting to get repetitive. There is another taxi strike scheduled for next Tuesday. The taxi unions (or maybe just one union since the only one I ever hear on the radio is the National Taxi Drivers Union) are complaining that the taxi regulator, Gerard Deering, wont give in to their demands. Bummer that, I guess they have come up against the one official in the government who actually does his job. They spend years campaigning for a taxi regulator and then the one they get actually stands up to them, oh the irony. Maybe when he fixes the taxi industry the government should move him to ComReg where he could try his luck with the blockages to decent broadband.

Now the taxi drivers are being told they have to go on strike again. Third day of no pay, its like some one punching himself in the face until he gets what he wants. Remember most taxi drivers are self-employed so while the unions officials sit in their offices and call on their members to sacrifice another days income the union officials will still be getting paid for a good days work.

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