Thursday, September 14, 2006

Taxi Dispute Resolved

The recent taxi dispute has been resolved. Gerry Brennan the SIPTU representative was on Newstalk 106 talking to George Hook and claimed that there had been a major change in the situation. The Department of Transport have recognised the fact that there is no appeals procedure for decisions made by regulators and will work with the taxi unions to address this. As a result there will be no more taxi strikes.

All the new taxi regulations such as the standardisation of fares throughout Ireland, the abolition of luggage charges and the €1.50 hiring charge for pick-ups from Dublin Airport will be introduced as planned on the 25th of September.

Mr Brennan claimed that the whole dispute was about the fact that there was no appeals process. He also denied that the taxi drivers had ever threatened to strike during the Ryder Cup, claiming the strike dates were just a coincidence with the new regulations coming into effect on the same weekend as the Ryder Cup.

Looks to me like the taxi drivers lost and the regulator won. After the unions loosing control of their members on Monday I wonder if those same members will continue their protests under the banner of an unofficial dispute.

Update 19-Sept: O.k., so who ever was on the radio was talking complete nonsense, or the drivers heard the deal and threw a fit. The unions are once again threatening to strike during the Ryder Cup and are threatening to stop serving the airport. Who cares anymore? The taxi strikes are an irritant but basically irrelevant, even for the Ryder Cup.

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