Thursday, September 07, 2006


At lunch time today I got my vaccinations for the trip to Australia. While there are no specific vaccinations needed for Australia there are recommended vaccinations that travellers should get no matter where they go, such as a tetanus booster and a hepatitis A vaccine. Since I'm also going to Singapore for a few nights that increased the risks.

Fortunately there were no foot long needles or shots in the butt as I had feared. Two simple injections, one in each arm and I was covered. My left arm feels bruised right now, as if someone had punched me really hard, but other than that it's fine, so far. I'm told there is a 10% chance that I'll get flu like symptoms.

I got the full talk from the doctor. Use high factor suncream to avoid sunburn. Spray on high deet insect repellent to avoid mosquitos and diseases like malaria. Be careful of food and water due to avoid typhoid and Hepatitis A. Stay away from dogs and cats in Singapore to avoid rabies. Watch out for spiders and snakes on land and check my boots before putting them on. Keep away from box jelly fish, sharks and stingrays. Bummer for the poor stingrays, you kill one guy in 61 years and you get added to the medical worlds shit list.

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