Sunday, September 24, 2006

iTrips in Ireland

The O2 store in Dundrum is selling iTrips. They are a nifty little gadget that allows the people to broadcast their music from the iPod to a nearby FM radio, perfect for use in cars. They were (are?) technically illegal in Ireland but the Government has said they are going to lift the ban before the end of the year so they are on sale now.

The sales assistant in the shop told me they had been made legal in the last few weeks but I wasn't too sure since the Dail is still off on their summer holidays so couldn't have amended the relevant bills to allow transmitters with a short range.

Then again maybe some regulator had the power to amended a list of banned items themselves. After all if we had to wait for the Dail to not be on holidays in order get anything changed there would still a committee discussing whether to legalise flint tools or keep the old wooden sticks.


Johnny K said...

Were you drunk when you wrote this?

Declan said...

No unfortunately I wasnt because I see what you mean. Some thing happened and jumbled up parts of the post. It was a post I wrote while watching Ryder Cup highlights so I probably just cut and pasted something incorrectly without realising it. Odd, I normally try to proof read at least once before hitting publish.