Sunday, September 17, 2006

Two weeks to go

This time two weeks the first (shortest) leg of my journey to Australia will be done. Jesus, it's getting close and real now. I know I've forgotten somethings, I hope they are not important. At least I think I have everything I need to just do the trip, after that anything else I can just buy over there.

The travel agent reminded me about travel insurance yesterday. 45 euro for the first month and 10 euro for each subsequent week. Must shop around and see if I can find something better.

Update: Got the insurance, €135 for the 3 months. Up to one month is cheap enough in most places, but it's when you want to add more time that the price goes up or some places wont provide coverage at all. Well, I have it now, hopefully I wont need it.


-Ann said...

We bought travel insurance through the Aer Lingus web site - it was 160 euro for both of us, for the whole year. It seems like they also do single trip insurance - worth having a look:

Declan said...

Damn, got the insurance before I saw this, but it looks very American focused?