Monday, September 25, 2006

Shamrog Island

A new property web site pulled a hoax on the people of Dublin by putting up a web site advertising a new property development in Dublin Bay called Dublin Coastal Development and Shamrog Island.

3 man made islands with a surface area of over 12 square kilometers, constructed by the Wasaki Global Corporation. Connected by a motorway and a new Luas line out in in the bay. There would be space for 42,000 apartments, a commercial district, and a giraffe zoo (yes, a giraffe zoo).

It only takes a couple of seconds to realise it's a hoax. The web site is a little too computer generated and the planned development looks more like a scene from Star Wars than Dublin. But to up the ante they posted planning permission notices around the bay and the nimbys were up in arms saying they would oppose the development.

It must have cost the company a fair chunk of their start-up capital just to get the video made but it got them plenty of free advertising, with coverage in papers and on RTE news. The website url ( didn't get a mention on the news but is shown at the end of the video on the website.

The only downside of all todays publicity for the company involved is that the website currently just says "This website will be launched in the week of 25th September" and asks people to enter their email address. Perhaps it all came to a head a couple of days too early. It's also a shame that it has been outed as a hoax. I would love to see the nimbys bursting blood vessels and organising protests, looking for archeological sites underwater and finding rare sea slugs to stall the development.

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