Thursday, September 14, 2006

Irish Government Failing and Proud of it.

The Irish Government is to announce that 3000 new affordable houses will be made available in the "Greater Dublin" area in the "coming years". They seem to be proud of that despite the fact that 3000 in the coming years represents a complete failure on the part of the government to a) support the struggling first time buyers priced out of the market by the governments cozy buddies in the construction industry and b) is actually just a tiny percentage of the affordable houses the governments own legislation was supposed to provide.

Property developers are supposed to designate up to 20% of all developments as affordable housing. A get-out-clause in the legislation allows the local authority to determine the actual percentage, which they can and do set at 0%.

If the 20% rule was applied then with an estimated 90,000 houses being build in Ireland this year that is 18000 houses. There are 1,661,185 of the Irish population of 4,234,925 (OK, shoot me, those are the figures from wikipedia but if you want to go out and count them yourself be my guest ;-) ) living in the Greater Dublin Area that means 39% of the affordable houses should be built in the Dublin area. That comes to 7020 affordable houses this year alone by the governments own rules. Expand that out over the "coming years" and it is clear that the current government is not only failing, it is proud of that failure.

I am a born and bred Fianna Fail supporter, but next time out I'm not voting Fianna Fail. That is for the sake of the party, if by some chance they win the next election another 5 years of this level of incompetence and failure will wreck the party and leave it floundering like the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom did for the last 10 years.

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