Saturday, September 30, 2006

Off to Australia Tomorrow

I'm heading off to Australia tomorrow. It's been a really really hectic two days. Finishing up in work on Friday, getting my tasks finished and trying to hand over to others. Then off to the pub at 6pm for a few pints. This morning I was in pretty bad shape, it was a good thing that I didn't have to travel today. I had to get the last couple of items, check the stuff I had packed in my backpack, tidy up at home and then go out tonight with some friends. No alcohol though, I would like to survive the flight.

Got a phone call from a friend of mine as well today. Himself and his fiance are heading to Australia in November so we are hoping to match up schedules and cross paths at some stage, though from what he said to me today they are going to be moving pretty fast to see as much as possible. It will be nice to have a pint with a friend from home half way through the journey and compare notes about Australia.

All I can so now is wait for the trip to start. Chances are I'll be quiet for a few days after this post, I'll be on planes and in airports for the next two days.


Darran said...

Have a great time and keep us up to date!!

Best of Luck!

-Ann said...

Best of luck - can't wait to hear about your adventures.

Keith said...

When you wrote "moving pretty fast", I couldn't help thinking of Last of the Mohicans. Was going to paste that quote but couldn't do it, you get the idea though.
See you soon.

Declan said...

Keith, its a continent, I've seen your iteniary, you wont even have time to carry a tomahawk :-)

I've booked on the Oz Experience and that takes a minimum of 10 days to get up the coast. The Greyhound bus takes 12 days.