Monday, September 11, 2006

The Big Mc

So despite being one of the most disliked and divisive politicians in the country Michael McDowell today humbly accepted his parties unanimous support as leader. People either hate him or love him. Personally I used to like McDowell. I used to think he was at least determined and tough on crime. No matter what you think about his politics at least you know where he stands on issues. Now I think he has proven to be a failure in justice, too preoccupied with things like tracking down sleeper cell journalists and closing existing prisons in order to build one new one. While McDowell tilts at windmills, sections of every town in Ireland become no-go areas for honest people.

Gun crime has increased to a point where criminals are driving around with bullet proof vests (while the Department of Justice are in the process of buying stab proof vests for Gardai). Drugs are sold openly on the main thoroughfares of Dublin and people can be killed some perceived slight or just for fun when local thugs get bored.

As is standard with the current government failure is not an option, it just never occurs to them. They simply ignore failure and promote the person responsible. Instead of explaining to the public why he has failed to make the streets safer McDowell becomes leader of his party and Tanaiste (Deputy Prime Minister) and so will have less time to devote to the justice portfolio. He has set himself a target of doubling the number of Progressive Democrat deputies in the Dail, perhaps a good place to start would be to double the number of prison places and take some criminals off the streets long term.

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