Monday, July 10, 2006

World Cup Final and Dunphy

I watched the World Cup final this evening. It wasn't a bad game but I just couldn't get into the atmosphere as I didn't really care who won, I did think France were the better team on the night but it doesn't matter how well you play if the other team still manages to score more goals or penalties than you. Even the penalty shootout didn't get me excited, just curious as to who would win. I'm much more interested to know what Materazzi said to Zidane which led Zidane to head butt him in the chest, and ended with Zidane being sent off. The fool was 10 minutes away from penalties and a glorious end to his international career.

At the end of the show Eamon Dunphy who was on RTE as a pundit thanked everyone involved in putting on the RTE coverage. He praised the station and its staff. I couldn't help but think the other pundits were surprised with what he did and that he was angling for a job. Turns out he already has one, a weekly show on RTE Radio One.

But perhaps the thing I'll miss most is Apres Match and their GAA Assimilator.

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