Friday, July 21, 2006

Cold Winter Ahead

Feeling the heat this sunny July weekend? Enjoy it because come October things will be getting rather chilly, especially for people who depend on natural gas for their heating. The energy regulator has proposed to award Bord Gais an increase of nearly 34% in prices. That would be on top of the 25% increase they got last year.

What about all that natural gas in the Corrib gas field off the coast of Ireland you may ask? Well first of all protestors wont let it be brought on shore for processing and anyway it wouldn't matter because, you see, that's not our gas anymore. The Irish government sold it to Shell, so the Norwegian people benefit more from it than we will.

Our gas will probably have to come from Russia, so lets hope Russia, The Ukraine, Poland, Germany, France or England don't start to run short because we are at the end of a very long pipeline line and if someone decides their country need the gas more than we do there isn't a lot we can do to stop them. A 34% increase in price may be the least of our worries.

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