Thursday, July 13, 2006

Neil Horan (The Grand Prix Priest) Strikes Again

Everyones least favorite Irish sports related personality, ex-Fr Neil Horan, is under arrest in Germany having been detained before the World Cup final.

Horan first came to the attention of the world when he disrupted the 2003 British Grand Prix. He ran down the track towards the speeding Formula 1 cars while dressed as a leprechaun or something equally tacky Irish. He was a priest at the time and his protest was his own little way of telling the world that the second coming of Christ is close, though I suspect not as close as a Formula 1 car can appear while traveling toward you at full speed.

Next Horan decided to tackle the leader of the 2004 Olympic mens marathon, Vanderlei de Lima from Brazil. Obviously marathon runners are closer to God than the rest of us. By about mile 20 they are probably praying, a lot, by mile 24 they are wising the end of the world would come before the end of the race and by mile 26 they should be hearing voices and think God is chasing them. Vanderlei eventually finished 2nd and the Irish nation hid it's collective head in its hands and cringed as the international media realised who the kilted assailant was. He has since been defrocked. Even Father Ted never had to deal with a character like this.

This time the nations most embarrassing citizen decided it would be a good idea to do a peace jig outside the World Cup stadium in Berlin while doing a Hitler salute and carrying sign that said Adolf Hitler was a good leader who was following the word of Christ. He also wanted to visit Gestapo headquarters (there is still a Gestapo headquarters in Berlin?) and light a candle for Hitler. (You cant make this stuff up, you just cant). Obviously Christ wasn't playing ball and ending the world so Neil must have switched his allegiance to the other team.

Fortunately for us he also decided to send a letter to German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, informing her of his plans. Just in case she didn't get her mail that day, he also wrote to The Kingdom newspaper in Kerry and let them know of his plans. The Germans, being sensible people, arrested him.

Now that the Germans have him, would they please keep him. Maybe lock him up in Gestapo headquarters he was so keen to visit and throw away the key?

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