Sunday, July 02, 2006

First Christmas Advert!

I saw my first Christmas advert of the year today. When I went to see The Wind That Shakes The Barley in Dundrum one of the adverts before the movie was the white Christmas advert from Guinness. You know, the one that shows snow falling around Dublin on Christmas Eve and the tag line is "Even in the home of the black stuff we dream of a white Christmas. Merry Christmas from Guinness."

Certainly it was a mistake when the tape was put together but it drew hoots of derision from the packed cinema. Actually rather bizarely I had been thinking earlier today that I should give some thought to Christmas presents before I go to Australia at the start of October since I wont be back in Ireland until December 21st and I've no intention of getting off a plane and going present shopping. Maybe Guinness read my mind. "mmm, free beer, free beer, give Declan free beer..."

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