Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Another Taxi Strike

The nations taxi drivers are to go on a 24 hour strike next Monday the 17th of July. The strike will start at 5am on Monday morning and end at 5am on Tuesday morning.

This strike is a little more sensible than the last strike. Last time they called a strike for Saturday night and most taxi drivers ignored the unions instructions. Saturday is their busiest night and they were doing more harm to themselves than to the general public. This time they are striking on a Monday, a day I would presume would be fairly quiet but would still have an above average business impact. On top of the usual taxi fares around the city I would guess there would be a higher than normal number of business people heading to or from the airport on a Monday morning. may try to add some emotion to the story by describing the taxi drivers as "furious" but remember what the taxi driver told me on the night of the first strike.
He, like many other drivers, was not a member of a union so he was going to continue working. He also pointed out that only one taxi drivers union had called a strike, there are several others and they had told their drivers to keep working.

I would expect this strike to be a little more successful, but I doubt all taxis will be off the road.

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Anonymous said...

As I see it, they all accept money to take luggage, plus a tip. But what of those who will not budge to lift it in or out - unless their passenger is a humble 80-year-old, they'll sit and wait while visitors do that themselves - and they're paying them to sit there & watch!

And what about a radio-free journey? I heard that's an option over in New York. Not offered here, naturally. Their car, their entertainment centre.

'Could you turn that down a bit, please, I don't want to shout directions at you?'
Snarl, sound goes up.
'I hafta hear the match!'