Monday, July 10, 2006

The Cancer Divide

What happens when a husband and wife are diagnosed with cancer within an hour of each other? The man with prostate cancer, which strikes 32,000 men in the UK every year and the woman with breast cancer which strikes 42,000 women every year.

Breast cancer currently enjoys 10 times more funding than prostate cancer. It has benefited from very glamorous campaigns, such as Ralph Lauren's initiative, Fashion Targets Breast Cancer, supported by models such as Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Giselle. Pictures of men in underpants highlighting prostate cancer do not have quite the same appeal as sexy women in white T-shirts

The Observer has a very interesting article today that tells the story of Bill and Val Elliott. Val is already receiving the best treatment money can buy with the NHS. Bill on the other hand has been turned down by the NHS because his recommended treatment was £2000 more expensive than the older more invasive, higher risk treatment. But Bill is the golf writer for The Observer so as soon as The Observer started asking questions the local Primary Care Trust decided to deal with each patient requesting the treatment on a case by case basis. However the men will not be allowed attend as this will be a "virtual meeting".

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