Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Water Shortage in Fingal

Two weeks of hot weather and we have an urgent water conversation order in Fingal.


Fingal County Council Water Services is today issuing an Urgent Water Conservation Notice to all residents in County for the coming week. Due to significantly increased demand on water supplies we are experiencing severe difficulties in replenishing reservoirs in some parts of the County and will not be able to guarantee supplies.

The really ironic thing is that after issuing the press release announcing the shortage, Fingal County Council issued a second press release informing the residents of Garristown that they wont have water until Monday the 24th because two burst water mains emptied the reservoir.

Fingal County Council Water Services Department is currently working to restore full water supply to the residents of the Greater Garristown Area.

The situation in the Garristown area is critical at present. Two bursts on the main supplying water to the area last week (Tuesday and Wednesday) resulted in the emptying of Garristown Reservoir.

They even suspect that there is a third leak elsewhere but they cant find it. They acknowledge the fact that the mains are old and the leaks are the reason for the lack of water. Shame they couldn't have fixed and replaced the mains they know were old and weak before they ruptured.

[via The Dublin Community Blog who have the full press release for the urgent shortage]

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