Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Come on Dublin City Council, Pick up your Rubbish

The River Dodder flows through Donnybrook in Dublin. Just before Beaver Row meets the Donnybrook Road there is a foot bridge over the Dodder. For the last few months there have been roadworks around the bridge.

Like any roadworks they put up traffic cones, signs and barriers around the work site and like any unsupervised construction site people have been messing with cones and barriers. For the month or two there have been traffic cones in the river. Over the weekend someone went a step further and threw several barriers, cones and signs into the river. So far Dublin Council haven't bothered to retrieve them and this evening a beer keg had joined the collection.

The Council needs to collect this stuff before it attracts more rubbish. If they don't care about the rubbish then perhaps they should care about the items themselves. Surely all together they must cost a few hundred euros to replace and the longer they stay in the river the less likely they will be usable when retrieved.

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