Friday, July 07, 2006

Bomb Squad and Dublin Airport

Dublin airport is really the center of Irish news this week with wildcat strikes and bomb scares. The airport was evacuated for the third security scare in a week this morning. Once again the bomb squad was dispatched to the Airport. Listening to the radio it would appear that the squad take at least an hour to get to the airport but once they arrive the scare then ends quickly, probably with a bomb squad officer saying something like "For f**k sake, cant you people recognize a can of deodorant and an underwire bra when you see one?".

It would appear that this summers fashionable entertainment is causing a bomb scare. Some bloody ejits think its funny to close the airport and piss off passengers. Until the kids get distracted and go back to sniffing glue or trying to steal money out of their mothers handbag maybe the Government should base a bomb squad unit in the airport full time? Then the disruption at the airport could be kept to a minimum.

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