Friday, July 14, 2006

Women and Gadgets

Here's something to kick-start some Friday pub discussions, a recent study of 1000 customers in the retailer Comet has found that 75% of women don't know how to use mobile gadgets.
Despite all those hours talking and texting, 75% of women say they can only handle the basic functions of a mobile phone.
Seven in 10 women ask partners or even their children for advice on how to operate gadgets, including having others download music to an MP3 player for them.

Women, it appears, just want something functional whereas men want to know all the specs and want all the bells and whistles. Comet are responding to this problem by introducing Gadget Angels, all-female teams of experts to "break down female 'technofear'".

With a name like "Gadget Angels" I think they will appeal more to the male customers than the female ones. Will they have costumes? For example Wonder Woman with an iPod?

[via Gizmodo]


ainelivia said...

Thanks Dec, where can I find these all female teams of techno experts pleaseeeeeeeeee

Declan said...

Comet stores, I dont think there are any in Ireland. We'll have to settle for the surley shop assistants telling us "dont bleeding bother me, the description is on the box and do you want extra insurance with that".