Tuesday, July 04, 2006

German and Italian National Anthems

Just sitting down at home to watch the World Cup Semi Final between Italy and Germany. I was making dinner when the anthems were played and I got them mixed up. When they played the Italian anthem I thought it was the German one. The reason? I got so used in previous years to hearing the Italian and German anthems together when Michael Schumacher won a Formula 1 race that they seem like one song to me now.

I hope Germany win this one. I need Italy to loose this game and then loose the 3rd V 4th play off as well if I am to have any chance of getting money out of the office World Cup pool. Sorry Italy.

Update: God I'm a jinx. German lost 2-0. Italy scored both goals in the last 2 minutes of EXTRA time. With the length of this game and the penalty shootout against Argentina Germany have sure gotten value for money from their stadiums.

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