Monday, January 15, 2007

New trains debut, again.

There is a story on saying that new high speed trains had debuted on the Cork Dublin line today. I think the story must be that the service has increased to hourly because I know I was on one of those trains last year.

They are really nice trains, a big improvement over the old stock. They are modern, clean (or at least they were clean, I hope they still are), reliable and fast trains. They can get you to Cork in less time than it takes to drive and that is an improvement :-). An hourly service with these trains would be very handy, I go down to Cork a few times a year.

I wonder why it has taken 6 months to fully roll out the high speed service? It wouldn't surprise me to hear that the service has been running for months and some civil servant just published another transport related press release. Transport planning in Ireland is all about generating press releases these days. I believe the old stock from the Cork line is being moved onto other lines to improve the services and to replace even older stock. Expect another press release about that in the next few days :-).

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