Sunday, January 28, 2007

Top Gear is BACK

Brilliant! After Richard Hammonds accident it looked like the show could be on indefinite break. They did a big show of welcoming back Hammond and will be showing footage of the near fatal accident later. Have to stop writing my Australia posts now (yes, I was trying to get the last few written in one go and post them together to get them done once and for all).

Update: They just showed the footage, and the crowd reacted with stunned silence. The right tire blew at 288mph and in .4 of a second the car was upside down and digging into the grass. It's a tribute to the engineering that the car didn't fly to pieces but it is still a miracle that just a few months later that Hammond is back on the show.

Update 2: Here is the video from YouTube.

On a side note I wonder why the BBC and other public service broadcasters like RTE don't adopt a similar YouTube style service on their own site? They don't have to put up the whole show, just highlights like this. The BBC do have streaming versions of many shows using Realplayer and Windows Media, but I find YouTube much handier. With YouTube about to pay contributors a share of advertising revenue on popular videos I'm sure they could come up with some revenue deal that would be good for everyone.

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