Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Intercity Trains

I traveled up from Cork at the weekend on one of the new Intercity trains recently brought on line by Iarnrod Eireann. They are a vast improvement over the old trains. For starters the air conditioning works. Monday was a pretty warm and sunny day, by Irish standards and the train was actually slightly chilly. The seats are comfortable though of course they are new so are more padded. There also seem to be more of them since some tables have been removed and an extra row of seats inserted instead. The intercom is still a little difficult to hear, but there is an illuminated sign scrolling messages. At the exit doors of each carriage there is a map displaying the route of the train, while I didn't see them in operation it appeared that they would track the progress of the train.

The food cart was out of service for some reason and while I didn't go to the food carriage the people sitting beside me did and they were talking about how much better it was with a wider selection.

The journey took just 2 hours 55 minutes and got into Heuston on time again a nice improvement on the old service, I once took a train that caught fire never mind the times they just broke down.

One way journey was €54, which to be honest is a bloody rip off, but at least the train looks modern and safe instead of the old ones that looked like they got them from a third world scrap yard.


Johnny K said...

I know it seems expensive on the face of it, but when you take into account the cost of petrol for the same journey, the inconvience of the airport, and the uncomfortable and slow Bus Eireann, then it isn't too bad a price.

The price hasn't really changed too much over the years. I remember spending €48 return three or four years ago, so when you factor in the new lines and trains I don't thinlk it's too bad.

Brenda said...

Good to see Iarnr√≥d √Čireann improving their rolling stock. It would be nice if they started running more trains at times that suited the general public (I live in Kilkenny at the moment where the service is frankly shi'ite) and had enough seating on them.