Thursday, January 18, 2007

PS3 Price in Ireland

The Community At Large have the low down on the price of the new Playstation 3 in Ireland.

€630 for the 60GB version. The 20GB version will cost €529.99 but wont be available when the console is launched in March. Obviously Sony know €630 is the upper limit that anyone would pay for a games console, and probably well above the limit for most of us. So they simply remove the cheaper option at launch time and force the gaming nuts, who will want to buy a console on release day regardless of price, to buy the high spec version instead of the low spec one. TCAL also point out that the console is, apparently, more expensive in Ireland than in the rest of Europe. So, no surprises there then.

I saw boxes of PS3s in Changi Airport in Singapore, but none were open and no playable demos were available. I had a few hours to kill and wandered back to that electronics shop a couple of times. Boredom almost drove me to impulse buy one but the sane part of my brain was still awake enough to stop me doing anything silly. Since it is being released in March and that's not too far away, I wonder if any of the shops in town have demo kiosks.

Personally I'll wait to purchase one, until the prices come down, until the first generation bugs are ironed out and until there isn't a waiting list to get one.

[Via TCAL]

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-Ann said...

I think you did well not to buy one. Asia is on a different region code than we are here and, as easy as it is to get an all-region DVD player, it's much more difficult with consoles. (Unless the PS3 is somehow different.)

I have 2 boxes full of PS2 and XBox games that are all Region 1 and nothing to play them with.