Monday, January 22, 2007

Trevor Brennan

I see Toulouse and former Ireland forward Trevor Brennan is in the papers for doing an Eric Cantona at the weekend and punching a fan. Then I saw the photograph on the BBC website.

Can anyone guess why, on January 21st, this guy got a punch?


CW said...

Apparently a group of Ulster supporters in the crowd were slagging off Brennan's pub in Toulouse, so he took what he saw as "appropriate action" about it. Thugs like this should be banned from the game.

Declan said...

I heard the same thing, what a stupid thing to get into a fight over. There must have been something else going on with Brennan to push him over the edge like that, it cant be the first time someone slagged off his pub.

Having heard that I have to agree with you, he should be banned.

By the way, I was originally referring to the santa hat :-)

Bock the Robber said...

Look. The guy is wearing a Santa hat, AND he's an accountant. How much provocation should Trevor have to put up with?

Anonymous said...

I do not think that Trevor Brennan, one of Irelands most successful Rugby players (2 ERC wins), would risk tarnishing his rugby career for the sheer hell of it. I am sure that the Spectator who alledgely was assaulted was guilty of inciteful insults directed at Trevor character and that of his Family. It is the rugby player who should be protected from this type of treatment rather than the spectator.

Insults leveled at a players own character and that of his family are totally out of Order and Trevor only option was to Defend his own and his family's honour.

There wouldn't have been any trouble if the spectator had kept his foul mouth well and truly shut.

Trevor is not a thug, however the spectator and other spectators like him should learn a lesson from this.

More importantly the ERC should protect the players from such insults and they are totally at fault in this instance for not dealing with the probelm until it reach its flashpoint.


Anonymous said...

having a fairly good knowledge of big trev's style of play, i dont find what he did very supprising. He is a thug, but every rugby team needs a few of them...

Anonymous said...

It's clear from the irish times photo of the beerthrowers that they were in fine fettle. dont give it if you cant take it.trevor was quite right to chastise the ulster bowsie.
rob from dublin

bic the biro said...

Anybody who thinks Trevor would flake a guy for slagging the beverages in his pub has rocks in their head. This moran provoked him by slagging off his family. Rugby is a game where one is never too far from a red mist moment and while Trev lashed out this prick should have received a ban for his gutter talk.In light of Trevs over the top ban its a pity he didn't pull his head off.