Monday, January 08, 2007

Employee of the Month

I decided I'll try to see some more movies in the cinema this year. I'd been to the cinema once in Australia (Casino Royale) and before that it was only once every few weeks at best.

The first one I went to, Employee of the Month was a poor start to the year. Bad idea, bad setting, bad script, bad acting. This is a movie that isn't even straight to DVD, it's straight to YouTube. Though if it was only available on low quality internet download it would probably loose the only thing that kept me awake, Jessica Simpson does look nice on the big screen. She cant really act but in this movie none of the cast even try to act. It is as if their agents had signed the contracts for them and they were legally obliged to at least show up on set each morning.

You cant really blame them, the whole premise of the movie is weak and formulaic. Local geek enters into a competition with the local top dog to win the heart of the beautiful new girl in town. Done before and done better. The minor characters do little more than provide someone for the main characters to talk to. Why bring recognisable actors into the movie if you then give them nothing to do?

The few jokes were carefully rationed to the main cast and then flogged to death. The idea of someone sitting high up on the shelves of a supermarket, juggling items from a shopping trolley or slow motion running gets repetitive after a while. The one thing that held my interest, apart from Miss Simpson, was whether or not the actor playing Vince was the same guy who plays JD in Scrubs. He isn't, though its a good impersonation, assuming that was his intention.

It has a couple of funny moments but in a movie with approximately 6480 moments (yes you'll count them too) it could have used more than a couple of smiles.

I've seen worse, Duce Bigalow European Gigolo springs to mind, but I've seen better. If you want a few supermarket based laughs come to my local Spar and check the best before dates on some of the tins of food that people buy.

(By the way, I loved Casino Royale, perhaps the best thing I can say is that when I saw scenes of Pierce Brosnan playing Bond on TV I thought "Thats not Bond").

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