Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Photographing Australia Day

Both Google and Microsoft have announced that they will be doing photography flyovers of Sydney on Australia Day. These flights will get new high res photographs of the city which in Googles case will then be used on Google Maps. The resolution will be good enough to see individual people so anyone in Sydney should go out and draw a message to the world on the ground.

The planes will fly over Centennial and Moore parks at 9am, from where they will head out to Bronte Beach before making their way to the inner east, city, harbour, and lower North Shore.

The flight will end at about 2:15pm.

The quality of the images will be good enough to make out individual people on the street, and like Microsoft, Google is encouraging people to get creative and make themselves visible.

So girls, unless you want to end up like this girl in The Hague and achieve international geek fame, keep your bikini tops on that day. You never know who is watching.

[via Gizmodo]

Update: Turns out the Google plane didn't make it over Sydney, but the Microsoft one did.

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