Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Keeping New Years resolutions?

Well I've signed up for the gym again. I'd given up going last year, my subscription expired and I decided to just try running outside during the summer as I had done previous years. I also didn't want to sign up for a year when I knew I'd be going to Australia at the end of the summer anyway so would definitely waste 6 or more months of the membership. Now I'm back in the cold and wet so it seems like a good time to join up again and try again. Fortunately I live close to UCD and the Crunch Fitness there is a cheap yet, I think, nice gym. No pool, but that doesn't bother me. Normally it costs €259 for the year but I got in on the last day of a special offer for €199 and there are no monthly subscription fees. I couldn't turn that down. Now I have to get a personal program and then try to go 3 times a week, starting tomorrow night. That's one New Years resolution at least underway.

Next I also have to try and do some evening classes this year. I've signed up for a digital photography class in the Gallery of Photography. Photography was a certainty on my list of things I like to do classes in. Haven't really thought much about the others, maybe creative writing, maybe something to do with basic cookery skills (I need to learn how to not poison people). I'd also like to learn a language but that's a hell of a commitment since I actually hated language classes in school. I'd like to try German again, since I found that easier to learn in college than French. I'll have to look for a class in the spring.

Finally my work life balance. Get to work each morning before 9am and leave each as close to 6pm as possible and certainly before 7pm. If I'm going to do evening classes I need to get out of the office at a reasonable hour. I've managed that so far.

I wonder how long I'll keep these resolutions. Usually by this stage of the New Year I have abandoned most resolutions, if I even bothered to make any. I think this year I'm feeling more inspired after my Australia travels. Fingers crossed that I do better this year.

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