Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bill Bryson

I went to see Bill Bryson in UCD tonight. I got there a little late and while he was not on stage yet the lecture theater was full. Fortunately when Bryson arrived they allowed a couple more people in and I got the last seat. Bryson spoke for two or three minutes and then took questions. In total he spoke for about 25 minutes which was a little disappointing, especially since what he did say was entertaining. I got the impression that public speaking was not high on his list of ways to pass an evening.

People kept asking him about parts of his books and interestingly he frequently could not remember those parts, as he said when you write several books you begin to forget things. Afterwards he did stay to sign copies of books that people had brought, unfortunately I didn't have one with me. I must read more of his books, at the moment I'm reading David Stevensons 1914-1918 The History of World War I and while interesting is kind of short on laughs :-)

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