Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Oh, this looks nice. Apple have announced their new iPhone, and after a year of silly white ipod/mobile phone photoshopped images the real iPhone actually looks a PDA.

No keyboard, just a touchpad. You see the new iPhone is also the much speculated about widescreen iPod. It has 8GB of flash memory. It can play music and videos. In case a phone and an mp3 player werent enough it also has WiFi so it can browse the internet and access your email. Naturally iTunes will work with it and synch contacts, calendars, photos, notes, bookmarks etc.

It may be a PDA but it's from Apple so expect it to be popular, bloody popular. The 8GB comes out in June in the US one will cost $599 with a two year mobile contract. It will come to Europe in the 4th quarter.

Go to Engadget for more photographs and information from the announcement than you can shake stylus at (which you wont need with the iPhone)

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