Tuesday, August 22, 2006

TD Expenses

Damien Mulley has a table with the expenses of the nations TDs. The expenses seem to run from €13,373 to €75,501 €79,429 for ordinary TDs while ministers seem to scrape a more meager existence on less, though they do get more free perks from the state.

With an election coming up next year it would be nice to know how much the people calling to your door looking for your vote are billing the tax payer for the expense of doing things like calling to your door looking for your vote.

Update: Senators are Damiens Blog as well, the highest expense claim coming in at €80,827. Though most of us normal citizens don't get to vote for that democratic body.

I have not listed the names because I think you should look at the list yourself and find your own local TDs or senator instead of just reading the top and bottom claimants.

Update 2: Damien went to the Oireachtas press office and asked for the information, the result was a 250 page document. He then made it available to all of us, fair play to him. Get the full story here.

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