Saturday, August 12, 2006

Far and Away the worst movie I've ever seen

Far and Away is on RTE at the moment. I now know that I'd only ever seen the end of the movie and having now seen the beginning I realize two things. First, I should have gone out on the beer tonight. Second this really is an awful movie.

If the characters were Jewish it would be anti-Semitic, if they were colored it would be racist, but because they are Irish it's funny. Now I'm not suggesting we should start taking ourselves too seriously and scream racist every time someone pokes fun at the Irish, after all we are good at poking fun at ourselves, but if it stops shite movies like this making it through post production then it may be a good idea to play the racist card from time to time.

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dervla said...

By far the worst Oirish movie ever. "Your a corker Shannon". Where on earth did that come from?