Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Roy Keane to manage Sunderland?

RTE reported on the 9pm news that Roy Keane was about to become the new manager of Sunderland, the Irish times is now reporting the news.

After Niall Quinn became chairman of Sunderland he appointed himself as manager of Sunderland. He then lost 5 matches in a row and fired himself, the atmosphere in his house must be very strange this week :-)

Anyway it looks like he may have now signed Roy Keane up to manage the team, at least for the next 5 matches, then Jason McAteer may get a shot, followed by John Aldridge, Denis Irwin, Tony Cascarino.... :-)

Update: TV3 just reported that Keane will be manager before Sunderlands next game on Monday.

Update 2: BBC have the story now. It may be true. :-)

Update 3: It's true, Roy is manager of Sunderland. He signed up yesterday and gave his first press conference.

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