Friday, August 25, 2006

First post with new Blogger

I moved my blog over to the new Blogger Beta tonight. I didn't even realise I could move it until I clicked on the link on the Dashboard to "learn more" about Blogger Beta. Then I found I had the option to move my blog.

The only strange thing about the move is that I had to use a Google account instead of my old blogger one so my login to blogger changed but that's not too bad. I suspect Google want to create user accounts that have all blog, mail, calender, chat etc together. I wonder will they change the look and feel later and rebrand Blogger as Google.

Some observations while writing this post, Google have changed the spell checker. When I click the spell check button for this post the check occurs in the current page not in a separate popup window. It now recognises the word "blog", but not the word "login". Rather annoyingly if I click on a misspelled word to see the spell check options I don't seem to be able to click off that without selecting another misspelled word or selecting a suggested spelling.

I also have the option to allow or not allow comments on a per post basis and I can also change the time and date of the post. I'll have to look into using labels instead of The editor window doesnt seem to have label options. Perhaps after I post this I will get the option to add labels.

Anyway I'll play with the new blogger over the next few days. You may seen some weird posts from time to time so please ignore them.


-Ann said...

Your much more brave than I am. I'm not exactly what you'd call an early adopter. I think I was the last kid in the world to switch to CDs because I liked records and didn't think CDs would last. Yeah - don't come to me for stock tips.

Susan Borgas said...

"The editor window doesnt seem to have label options. Perhaps after I post this I will get the option to add labels."

G'day! I have been searching around to see who has transfered a blog to the Blogger Beta version. I came across your quoted comment above. In my trial blog I am able to add tags/labels in a window at the bottom of the posting window. It is called Labels for this Post: I had no problems typing my chosen label in said window.

A question if I may, when you changed your blog to the beta version, did you loose links and so forth down the side bar of your blog? I am wondering what will happen when I change my main blog over and want to be prepared. Thanks in advanced. :)

Declan said...

The problem with the labels comes from the template. Templates need to be "Upgraded". Unfortunately at the moment that means the template has to be replaced with either a precanned one from blogger or with one that you "design" using the template builder tool. The design is VERY limited and I cannot reproduce my current template with it.

However there is hope, Blogger Buzz says they are going to allow users to import their existing template html soon, though they dont say when. Once that is introduced and I import my existing template I should be able to use labels.

If you move your blog you can keep your old template and all it's links. If you try to "upgrade" then I think you will loose some links. I did loose at least one link from a list when I tried an upgrade on my test blog where I pretest my template changes.

Basically in my opinion template upgrade does not work at the moment so dont try to use it. But Blogger Beta does work well for everything else so you can switch but keep your old template and put up with having no labels for the moment.

Declan said...

hi ann, how did the rest of the day at Peoples Photography go? It was good to finally be able to put a face to the name and the blog.

Declan said...

Oh I should say, when you upgrade your template and choose a precanned template it does try to import your information and links into the new template. When I did switch to a new template for my test blog I noticed straight away that the Irish Election link under "blogs I contribute to" was missing. So it tries, but it looses some information.

Susan Borgas said...

Thanks for the info Declan, it is appreciated. :D

-Ann said...

Hi Dec,

Yep, it was good to meet you too. I also met Daragh later that afternoon. The exhibition was slow - traffic was down from last year and we didn't make a single sale all weekend. But we did hear lots of nice comments, which is always nice.

I think we'll probably do it again next year though. Hope to see you out there - with jealousy-inspiring pictures of Australia.