Thursday, August 31, 2006

Blogger Beta Templates Update

I previously posted about the fact that I could not import my existing blog template in to the new Blogger Beta and that Blogger were going to provide the ability to manually edit templates and to import old ones.

Well it's a good news bad news type of morning. Good news, Blogger have updated the Beta to include manual editing of templates. Bad news, there is a new template language and the new editor rejects my old template as being badly formed XML. Thats possible I suppose, if the old Blogger was very forgiving. When I created my template I simply took an existing template and altered it in the blogger text editor to look the way I wanted so I could have missed something. Still at least Blogger have acknowledged that people really wanted the ability to edit their templates manually and, like I've said before, it is a beta.

I am going to have to spend some time over the next few evenings getting a HTML editor and trying to first fix my old template so it's readable in the new Blogger and then I'll probably have to just write a new one using the new template language.

Test blogs are now recommended by Blogger for anyone altering their templates. Dont touch your main template without verifying your new template or altered template works in a test blog first.

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