Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Summer TV

God, summer TV sucks. Nothing on but bloody "reality" TV. RTE have Charity You're a Star, a bunch of obscure Irish celebrities trying hard but failing to entertain, with the exception of Kathryn Thomas who will always have a special place in my heart. There is even a gaggle of politicians taking part so you know there is an election coming. It's for charity so they try to claim it's in a good cause but maybe it would have been better to just donate the cost of making the show to charity and put on re-runs of No Frontiers.

TV3 and UTV are both showing Love Island. A show whose very idea chills me. Get a bunch of celebrities and instead of making them sing put them in swimsuits and try to get them to mate. It's basically a live paparazzi show.

And of course Channel 4 and E4 have Big Brother and multiple BB spin offs. You can watch people sleep for almost 24 hours of the day.

At least it's making me get out and get some exercise.

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