Monday, August 21, 2006

Just not Cricket

The English are going mad because the Pakistani cricket team got upset when accused of ball tampering and refused to come out after tea to continue a cricket test match. then when the Pakistani team finally did come out the Umpires got into a hump and refused to come out saying the Pakistanis had forfeited the game.

The game goes on for weeks, they play all day long and stopping for tea and someone gets upset when a player picks at the leather of the ball. If I had to play cricket I'd probably pick all the stitching out of the ball, doodle on the bats and use the stumps to draw Xs and Os in the clay.

Get over it lads, its just a game and everyones been accused of ball tampering at one stage or other (including the now deeply offended English).


Johnny K said...

Ball tampering is illegal, but shining the ball on one side is not. I don't understand that.

Pakistan have done a great job of deflecting attention away from the actual incident and laying all the blame on Darrell Hair.

Declan said...

Have you seen what was done to the ball? I havent managed to find that out.

Cricket is a weird sport, I dont understand any of it. It's like you can tamper a little bit but only in a gentlemanly manner. They play it in the sports ground beside me and I watched it for 3 hours one day and they hadnt even gotten to half time.

By the way John have you got your tickets booked for the return trip to Istanbul with Liverpool? :-)