Sunday, August 27, 2006

Peoples Photography

The annual Peoples Photography open air exhibition at St Stephens Green. While the weather could have been better for the poor photographers sitting by their sections watching for rain showers, the quality has, in my opinion, gone up this year. With a mix of amateur and professional there was a wide variety on show, some were basically good holiday snaps, some were beautiful panoramic taken with special cameras.

Friends of mine had displays there and they always ask me if I'll take part, my answer is always the same, I simply don't have enough good photographs, but maybe next year if I get enough photographs from my Australia trip.

I've never been able to find a list of exhibitors web sites so this year while I walked around I picked up some business cards and noted down some other web addresses. I'm posting them here for people who couldn't make it to the exhibition but would like to see what was on show.
Blake Coverdale
David Gray
Eddie Mallin
Hugh Gordon
Jon Cheung
Kevin A. Logan
Mark Russell-Hill
Marko Hauke
Metamorphic Media
NMS Photography
Oktober House
Paul Fitzgerald
Peter Cox
Purple Productions
Richard Murphy
Sarah Ann Woods
Stephan Jaeger
Tim O'Brien

(This is far from a complete list but those are the ones I got while walking around. If anyone has more to add let me know.)

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