Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Stringfellows and Irish Celebs

I wonder how many Irish celebs will show up for tonight's opening of Stringfellows. There are numerous "celebrities" that will show up at the opening of an envelope just on the off chance that a camera may be somewhere near by so their heads are probably spinning as they try to figure out which is worse:

  • To be photographed going into a strip club or
  • To not have their photograph in the papers tomorrow.

Oh the pain they must be in. How many will show up, go in, come out several hours later and claim "I didn't know what went on in Stringfellows"?

George Hook and Eamon Dunphy on Newstalk 106 were both open about it. Hook wanted to go but couldn't get an invite, Dunphy had a invite but couldnt go tonight. Shame that Dunphy didnt raffle off the ticket. :-)

One thing you can be certain about, the stars of RTE or other bastions of Irish morality wont be photographed going in the front door tonight, they will probably have a special tunnel built to the VIP area. ;-)

Update: Stringfellows opened to protests from the locals.

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