Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Hare of the Dog is gone

For the last few months a statue was placed at the St Stephens Green end of Grafton Street. This was called "Lady Hare and Dog" by Sophie Ryder. The statue on Grafton Street looked like a giant rabbit shagging a dog while standing on a tractor tire. It also seems to have originally been placed on display in California, so either we got a copied statue or a second hand one. I don't know who thought it would suit Grafton Street, but you can bet they were stoned at the time.

Anyway, it has finally been replaced with a new metallic statue, with a crouched figure sitting in an alcove in a pyramid. I'm sure some will say its boring and unimaginative, but I like it. The tourists around the Green seemed to like it as well and they were examining it and taking photos, instead of pointing laughing and taking photos as they had done for the rabbit thing.

Update: I knew Blogger ate my original post. Now I've got proof I wasn't crazy. It was up long enough for Irish Blogs to list it but it no longer available on my blog.

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