Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Iraq shrine blown up

It's a real shame when a historic site becomes the victim of a military strike, terrorist attack, or just plain sectarian vandalism.

Today one of the holiest sites to Shia Islam was destroyed by a bomb in an attack that can have just one aim, to start a civil war in Iraq. The unfortunate thing is once one side in a conflict sets the precedent for this type of attack then the other side tends to retaliate in kind and soon the situation spins out of control.

Look at this picture on the BBC website to get a clear idea of the damage caused.

This is just one in a sequence of historical and religious sites damaged or used as pawns of war in recent years, here are 3 I can think of

It's a shame that humanity has not progressed to a point where we can respect each others heritage and history regardless of our current conflicts.

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