Tuesday, February 21, 2006

PPAI Awards Show

I went to the opening of the PPAI (Press Photographers Association of Ireland) Awards Show in The Gallery of Photography in Temple Bar tonight. It is an exhibit of the best press photos taken by Irish photographers over the last year.

I think the type of photography someone likes is a matter of personal taste just like ones taste in art and music. For me I prefer press photography to some of the artistic or landscape type of photos. Photographs with people in them interest me far more than photographs with just trees and sunsets. Press photos are the best of this genre, capturing events and people at important moments. These days they often do not get the recognition or the respect they deserve. Their pictures accompany the writings of far more famous journalists adding life and color to black and white letters. They are not paparazzi, they are hardworking photographers capturing valuable moments of current affairs for posterity, not sticking their lenses up mini-skirts or photographing C-list celebrities drunk outside bars.

The exhibit runs from today until the 3rd of March after which it goes on tour to different AIB bank branches around the country. It is worth going to if you like photography and the news. My personal favorites were not actually the photos that won. If you do go look out for the photograph by Bryan O'Brien of the child on her fathers shoulders during the Irish Ferries protest, the "Eyes on the Ball" photo by Brendan Moran and the picture of Charlie Haughey by Christopher Doyle. If I can find a website with the awards photos on it I'll post the link here later.

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