Monday, February 06, 2006

National Sickie Day

Damn, after watching the Superbowl until 3am, then dragging myself out of bed and into work I had to live on coffee for the day. Now I find out that today was National Sickie Day. Ok it wasn't official and in fact it was probably the worst day to pull a sickie because apparently it is the most popular day to do so.
Cary Cooper, a pyschology professor who helped with the research, said: "Early February is a very popular time for taking a 'sickie', the first bank holiday still seems a long way off, the days are gloomy, and many people are still feeling the post-Christmas blues."

Well it's time to catch up on my sleep.

[Via The Register]


ciaran said...

Declan, you stayed up half the night, do you have you any comments to make on the super bowl. Was it any good?

This Seattle fan reckons Seattle were robbed blind. Were they?

Declan said...

Ciaran, your bloglines is screwed ;-)

Seattle werent robbed, they stood there and let the other team walk up and take the game from them. They froze in the 4th quater. Sure they had a few iffy calls against them, but in the end the game was there for the taking but they wasted too much time deciding plays.

Declan said...

Jorgen talks about Seattle having more possession, which they probably did, but they stood there scratching their arses and then just threw the ball into empty space so the Steelers didnt need the ball. Sure the Steelers were celebrating with 4 minutes on the clock cause they knew Seattle would take that long just to call a play.

Also Ciaran, remember who Jorgen works for, he had to be nice to Pauls team ;-)