Wednesday, February 15, 2006

$1000 for desert?

Boing Boing have a story about a $1000 desert called the Grand Opulence and served in New York's Serendipity restaurant. I'm not one for beating the "think of the starving children" drum when it comes to people eating in fancy restaurant but in this case I'll make an exception. I think if they charge $1000 for this then they should actually charge $2000 and send half to charity. The idiot that is rich enough to spend $1000 on a fancy ice cream sundae, which a comment calculates to have cost $200 to make, is dumb enough and rich enough to spend $2000 on the same thing.

Update: Woops. I think this may be a marketing scam to drive traffic to the restaurants web site since I cant find the icecream listed or any reference to anything close to as expensive. Who would spend $16.50 on a burger and then spend $1000 on a desert? Perhaps the wrong restraunt is linked because I have heard of stupid deserts like this being made in other places.

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