Monday, February 20, 2006

More Electronics Woe

Hot on the heels of my laptop dying my TV decided to shut itself off yesterday and has refused to start since. It's amazing how used one can get to a 32" screen so when an old 14" portable is put in front of the darkened behemoth I suddenly find myself squinting to read the NTL-Digital text. Now I have to find a TV repair man in the locality and probably bring the TV into him, not an easy task when it takes 2 people to lift it. Unfortunately I'll be busy over the next few days so that may have to wait until next week. Still it should make me appreciate the cinema feel of the big TV after 2 weeks of eye strain.

I have also come to realize that all my gadgets are around the same age 3-4 years old. Over the last 10 years there has been an annoying trend where they all die around the same time usually after 3-4 years. Is there a lifespan built into these devices? I figure my mobile phone and my MP3 player are next in line. Fortunately my cameras are now out of the sequence as I bought a new digital one last year for a photography course and my SLR doesn't seem to have enough technology in it to cause much grief (touch wood). Of course I did go looking at flat screen TV's yesterday. I've no real intention of buying one, but its nice to look.

Update 14 March 2006: I got the TV fixed a week ago. I went to a little repair shop on the Dundrum Rd late on a Saturday afternoon, they picked it up and it was delivered back to me on Monday lunchtime. Total cost €160 which was a pain, but better than buying a new TV. So far the TV is running fine (fingers crossed).

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