Sunday, February 12, 2006

Ski Jumping History

Today is a sports day with the 6 Nations rugby match and the Winter Olympics. This evening I was watching the ski jumping. As I watched I wondered how did that become a sport? I ask not to call into question the merits of ski jumping as a sport, but how did it start. What skier turned to his mates and said "Look chaps the bridge is out. How much do you bet I wont ski over the end as fast as possible?". So I looked it up.

The origin of Ski Jumping can be traced back in 1860 when Sondre Norheim of Norway, who is also considered as the Father of Ski Jumping, jumped and reached 30 meters without poles over a rock. After two years, the first ever competition on Ski Jumping was organized at Trysil, Norway.

He jumped 30 meters over a rock? By accident? Apparently not. Another site tells me they used to jump from roofs to show off.
The valley of Morgedal, with its steep hillsides, was great for challenging skiing. A popular activity on Sundays, was to come together and have a joyful time on the slopes and hills. Some were eager to surpass each other in the most spectacular skiing acrobatics like jumping from the roofs.

So 140 years some people were showing off and pissing off their neighbors then it became a sport. Snowboarding anyone?

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Johnny K said...

I think Bulmers had an ad based on the origins of ski jumping.