Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Galloway V's The Committee: Round 2

When I started blogging back in May two of my first posts were about the British election and the resignation of Michael Howard as Conservative leader and another was about George Galloway being called to testify before a US Senate Committee.

Six months later and things havent changed much. The process of electing a Conservative leader is finally underway, and now the US Senate has decided to have another go at questioning George. You would think they would have learned their lesson after the last time when he tore strips off them and became some kind of hero for the anti-war lobby.

I don't support or even like Galloway, he is too confrontational and gruff, but in this case I think he should tell the US Senators where to stick their committee. If they do have evidence that Galloway has profited from the illegal sale of Iraqi oil then they should hand it to the British government and let them deal with him. If the British legal system finds him not-guilty then American politicians have no right to interfere. They may not like the verdict, but setting up the US Senate as some kind of global court room that can override the verdicts of other nations legal systems will only alienate more nations from Americas side. If the senators once again make a mess of questioning Galloway, which is likely unless they have been taking a crash course in British politics and debating, then they will only make him a bigger, and probably richer, celebrity.

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