Thursday, October 13, 2005

Ryanair & The Disabled

Ryanair the low cost airline is getting lots of bad press for removing 9 blind passengers from one of their planes because they violated their safety regulations.

The reports said the move was linked to a Ryanair safety regulation that allows no more than four "disabled" people on any flight.

Fair enough I suppose, safety is important and in an emergency the flight crew could have to assist the passengers. But it appears Ryanair had been told about the disabled passengers in advance and said it would be ok.

However, one of the group had reportedly telephoned the airline eight months before the flight to check there would be no problems.

If Ryanair were told in advance they should have been ready to deal with the passengers, or they should have told them before hand that they wouldnt be allowed to fly. I wonder will the passengers get their money back or will Ryanair claim that they should have read the terms and conditions.

What also pisses me off if the fact that Ryanair insists on charging every passenger a wheelchair levy regardless of whether of not they need a wheelchair. So we are all paying for disabled passengers but Ryanair wont let them on the plane in the first place?

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